Make Me Say Ooooh Adult Trucker Hat
Make Me Say Ooooh Adult Trucker Hat

Make Me Say Ooooh Adult Trucker Hat

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 You make me say ooooh (ooooh)You make me say ooooh (ooooh)You make me say

You're sure to get a smile when you wear these recognizable lyrics from 'Make me Say', a well loved song written by Kimié Miner and Imua Garza. Take our newest hat and holoholo to the beach or park!

Material: Front: 100% Polyester, Back: 100% Nylon Mesh 
Style: Mid-rise 5 panel trucker hat
Fit: lightweight, Firm Front Panel, Plastic Adjustable Snap, Slight Curved Visor 


About Kimie Miner

Kimie Miner is a Grammy Nominated Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, Music Publisher and owner of Haku Collective. She champions the idea that one should remain true to who they are and to approach their experiences with the pride of their heritage. Her songs regularly evoke the Hawaiian concept of the Piko: the “naval” or “center” which represents a home base to which one can always return. She notes that “As Hawaiians, we have our roots and our routes. We know who we are, and we take that knowledge with us when we navigate and explore the rest of the world.”  For more visit