Scotty Wilks (left) and Kimié Miner (right)
Co-Founders of Haku Collective

 “The best music makes you feel something. It’s transportive. It’s authentic. It speaks to you. Our culture tells a story," says Kimié Miner, singer-songwriter in Hawaiʻi. Although she had been weaving connections between musical artists for years, she wanted to create an organization that would better support the legacy of music in Hawaiʻi.

In 2016, she became determined to scale the connections she was providing her fellow island artists. After being presented with another opportunity in the industry, she called a trusted friend in the music business Scotty Wilks. Within a week, they had a strategy and a name that was perfect for their full-service music, audio, and talent production group— Haku Collective.

“We really dug in deep and figured out one of our main goals is to help established as well as up-and-coming artists in Hawai'i,” Miner says. “If we can find a formula to help move them along; from songwriting to creating albums, to how to get to the GRAMMYs, we want to be able to share that with our community and our industry.”

Through Haku Collective, Wilks and Miner work to support Hawai'i-based musicians through live events, production, publishing, product, and mentorship opportunities.
In 2017, the Haku MeleCraft mentorship program was launched with the goal to teach young aspiring artists in Hawai'i how to create quality songs and remain authentic.

"The Melecraft boot camp program is a free service,” Wilks says. “We mentor up-and-coming artists and music creators in the art of songwriting. Kimié and I both believe the actual crafting of mele, or writing of a song, is the most powerful tool in any artist's toolbox. You can be an amazingly talented executor of music, but people generally want you to have a very memorable song to go with that."

“Our Hawaiian people have always been innovators. We are the wayfinders of a new generation, yet our songs carry the echoes of our ancestors.” Miner says. “Haku will share the legacy of music in Hawai’i with the world.”