Proud as the Sun (Deluxe) | Digital Download

Proud as the Sun (Deluxe) | Digital Download

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Proud as the Sun is Kimie Miner's follow up to her award winning self-titled debut album. It is a cherished memento for Miner as it was created during a time of transformation for her while she was pregnant with her first child. During this time, her approach to music became a profoundly inward reflection of her core values, intentions and hopes for the future she envisioned for her daughter and other young women.

Proud as the Sun was created as a love song for my daughter and other young women to encourage and empower their journey towards self-discovery."

The music in this album features contemporary pop with elements from other genres including R&B, Hawaiian, Jazz, and more. You'll love the upbeat and cheerful "Bamboo", the hauntingly beautiful "Proud as the Sun", or a unique take on the song "Sea of Love."